Search, browse and share your transcripts in style

An open source tool for publishing speeches, discussions and dialogues, simply and clearly, online.

SayIt can be used either as a hosted service, or it can be built directly into your own website, as a Django app.



Goodbye clunky PDFs

Responsive design works beautifully on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Full text search

Quickly find exactly what you want, across all sessions and speakers.

Clear referencing

Easily link to any part of a transcript, speech, or session. Perfect for references.

Search engine optimized

Modern markup helps your transcripts show up in search engines like Google.

Hosted or standalone

Run SayIt as a hosted service, or integrate it into your project as a Django app.

The power of Poplus

Easily pull data from other Poplus components like Popit and WriteIt.

Built on standards

SayIt uses the Akoma Ntoso data standard, built for parliaments and assemlies.

Developer API

Perfect for loading in data, or doing advanced text processing.